Wearable Sensors: Towards Labs on the Skin and Under the Skin

Joseph Wang, Department of Nanoengineering, University California San Diego, CA 92093, USA,

This presentation will discuss our recent efforts towards developing wearable bioelectronic systems, capturing non-invasively and continuously molecular information, for obtaining comprehensive information about the wearer’s health, nutrition and wellness. Particular attention will be given to wearable electrochemical sensors integrated directly on the epidermis or under the skin for continuous monitoring of sweat and ISF, and to multimodal devices fusing the monitoring of chemical and physical parameters on a single epidermal patch. The new capabilities of such wearable bioelectronic platforms will be described, along with related integration and energy advances, and future prospects toward transforming these latest innovations into practical wearable sensing devices and commercial products.

Joseph Wang is a Distinguished Professor of Nanoegineering, a SAIC Endowed Professor and the Director of the Center of Wearable Sensors. at University of California San Diego (UCSD), USA. The research interests of Dr. Wang include bioelectronics and biosensors, wearable sensor systems, nanomotors and microrobots. Wang is a member of the US National Academy of Inventors and a fellow of the RSC, ECS and AIMBE. He has authored over 1200 research papers, 12 books, and 60 patents. He has been a has been a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher since 2015 (H Index 197). Wang holds Honorary Professor from 8 different universities and is the recipient of 2 National American Chemical Society Awards for Electrochemistry and Instrumentation, of the Ralph Adams Pittcon Award in Bioanalytical Chemistry, of the Talanta Medal, 2021 IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Medal, and the IEEE Sensor Achievement Award, 2021.